Lab Members



Danielle D. Ignace, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
Member of the Environmental Science & Policy Program
Advisor for the Climate Change concentration
Smith College





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Windy Kelley


Windy is a new graduate student in the Department of Biological Sciences
at Smith College. In the Fall of 2015, Windy will be embarking on a new research
adventure. She currently plans to study the impacts of climate change and invasive

species at the MacLeish Field Station. Very impressive!!






Jinyi Yang


Jinyi is a sophomore studying biology at Smith College. She has been working on the Hemlock project, with great interest in understanding the relationship between the hemlock woolly adelgids and elongate hemlock scales as well as the soil composition and respiration and their effects on the ecosystem. Quite the scientist extraordinaire! Jinyi is from the central plains area of China, where forests are extremely rare. But we all love plants!!! Plants are awesome!!!






June Ahn


June is a sophomore studying biology and landscape studies. She has been working in the Ignace Lab since 2014 and she is interested in invasive plant systems and sustainable cities. She is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and enjoys writing short stories and undertaking small art projects in her free time. Very cool!!





Graduated Lab Members 🙁


Brady St. Marie


Brady is an English and Economics double major at Smith College with an interest in environmentalism. She has worked with the Ignace Lab since 2013, and is particularly interested in the relationships between native and invasive species. After graduating in May of 2016, Brady hopes to work in the field of environmental policy or conservation. Because she’s awesome!








Samantha Danguilan ’15


Sam Danguilan is originally from Chicago, IL. While at Smith, she majored in Biology with a focus on plant ecology and physiology. She worked in the Ignace Lab for three years and worked on a variety of special studies and honors projects that span the topics of plant-microbe mutualisms, carbon recycling in NE deciduous forests, the evolution of allelopathy and legacy effects, mechanisms for plant invasion, and inter- and intra- specific competition. She also played 3 years of varsity volleyball at Smith. Sam currently is looking to expand her knowledge of plants by pursuing jobs in the fields of economic botany and urban agriculture. Hire her before someone else does!



Kyle Boyd ’15


Kyle Boyd is originally from Amherst, MA. She studied Biology with a focus in ecology and marine science while at Smith. She worked in the Ignace Lab for three years and did a Special Studies, SURF summer research, an REU at Harvard Forest, and an Honors Thesis with the lab. Kyle now works in environmental education. She rocks!




Honorary Lab Members

Chimi the cat

Chimi the cat



Chimi has been an honorary lab member since May 2014. Chimi is a budding entomologist, as he loves to play with (but not kill) any insect he sees. He also loves napping and attacking the printer. Sometimes he writes lectures for Dr. Ignace.