The lab at a glance

Big changes coming to the webpage OCTOBER 2018!

Welcome to the Ignace Lab webpage!

We are interested in everything and anything related to how organisms interact with the environment to alter ecosystem patterns and processes. Plant physiology / Ecophysiology is the foundation of our work. However, we branch out to concepts and techniques in biogeochemistry, microbial ecology, community ecology, microscopy, and biochemistry. The bulk of our projects include, but are not limited to, systems at the MacLeish Field Station (Whately, Massachusetts), Harvard Forest (Petersham, Massachusetts) and the Chihuahuan Desert (southeastern Arizona).

Topics of interest: 

  • Mechanisms and impacts of non-native species invasions
  • Ecosystem and plant physiological responses to environmental variation
  • Carbon flux from leaves to whole ecosystems
  • Impacts of global change, climate change and nitrogen deposition
  • Species coexistence and community composition
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
  • The role of soil microbes in altering ecosystem function
  • And many more!

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